Who in the world is Grigori Marchenko?*

You’re asking me? Well ok, i’ll give it a go…

There’s nothing too exciting stored on that paragon of knowledge and wisdom, Wikipedia. Lets see: He’s has been the chairman of the National Bank of Kazakhstan since January 2009. He started his career at umm – the National Bank – in between he spent time with Deutsche Bank and the National Commission on Securities. Oh, don’t forget his political experience as Deputy Prime Minister of Kazakhstan in 2004.

That’s his CV, but what lies between the lines?

Charles Becker writing in The Huffington Post praises him for bringing about “just the kind of reforms and macroeconomic stability in his country that the IMF is supposed to cultivate in other developing nations.” What starts as praise ends in hyperbole and near worship with the author, a former colleague it seems calling him “one of the most remarkable financial policymakers of the past 25 years.” An unsung hero then … or rather a “top-flight dark horse candidate.”

The Economist too thinks Ms Lagarde could learn a thing or two from him.

Marchenko it seems is less versed in self promotion than his competition. But, like Lagarde he too has a Facebook page which at the last count has 34 likes to her 9,688. Hmm. Maybe that’s 34 member states? Quality over quantity.

One doubts that Grigori knows much about this, after all, it seems he was even left out of the loop with regards to his nomination. Rumour has it he found out he was running from a text message from the Kazakh Prime Minister.

So, not so illuminating sorry. But we’ve been digging and later today hope to haul out what we’ve found in the form of a candidate assessment.

Keep your eyes peeled for that.

*To the tune of Carmen Sandiego (anyone else watch that?)

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