Readers’ choice of dead people to run the IMF

The people have spoken and the results are pretty clear – the top vote getter (amongst the selective list of dead people we put up) to run the IMF was Robin Hood, a heroic outlaw in English folklore who stole from the rich to give to the poor. Of course Robin’s name has been recently borrowed by campaigners for a financial transaction tax, renamed the Robin Hood Tax. Following Robin Hood’s 30%, in close second place was John Maynard Keynes at 25%. Rounding out the top three was Karl Marx with 11%. Notable was Ayn Rand’s showing with just 1 vote.

Of course a number of intrepid readers put in their own candidates, not satisfied with small graveyard of economists and politicians. Only 1 write in candidate got more than one vote, but they are all worth mentioning on the principle that any one person who bothers to write something in represents at least 10 other people who were too lazy. In no particular order:

Albert Einstein, Abbé Pierre, Mahatma Gandhi, JFK, Raul Prebisch, Charles De Gaulle, Frantz Fanon, Ian Curtis, Mother Teresa (2 votes), Don Juan Tenorio, Diabolo, Michal Kalecki, Groucho Marx, Roberto Clemente, Suharto, Joseph Schumpeter.

Some readers failed to grasp the macabre nature of our poll and nominated some candidates who are still alive: Aurélie Trouvé and Gordon Brown. Well Gordon Brown’s political career was dead a while ago, so perhaps we’ll let that one go through!

We’ll be launching a new poll now that the official candidates are in, but this time asking who you think the worst candidate is. Happy voting!

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