What have the candidates got to hide?

If news reports are to be believed, IMF MD-elect Christine Lagarde will be interviewed by the IMF board next Thursday (23rd June), with IMF MD loser-elect, Augustine Carstens on Tuesday (21st). The IMF is refusing to provide any information about the interviews – which will be held in secret – and doesn’t even have their dates on its website. This despite IMF governors promising – many many times – a truly transparent process, and campaigners calling for open interviews.

Which got me thinking: what might the candidates – and the board – have to hide? Perhaps they are fearful that a clinical dissection of Lagarde’s disastrous approach towards Greece would be too much for us to hear?  Or maybe we’d find out that Carstens would be even more hardline? Or could it be that they want to really get to the bottom of the skeletons in the candidates’ closets?

Surely all the secrecy can’t be because the interviews are likely to be a polite, meaningless formality, to rubber stamp decisions that have already been made?  Perish the thought.

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