Didier Reynders – the Belgian super hypocrite

I had a great note from some Belgian campaigners today about their finance minister Didier Reynders. I can sum it up in a single word: hypocrite.

As we wrote yesterday, Belgium’s Reynders is in the doghouse. He has come out and openly called for a European to head the IMF, rather than a merit-based selection process. The campaigner explained:

This position is totally contrary to:

1) A resolution from the Belgian Parliament in April  2007 (which says what belgium said in the Istanbul meeting – namely support for a merit-based selection process) Continue reading “Didier Reynders – the Belgian super hypocrite”

Who’s in the dog-house in Europe?

European countries may feel it is their prerogative to name the IMF head, despite repeated promises not to do so. To keep on eye on them, we are going to maintain this handy chart that shows who in Europe is unreformed and still insisting on an outmoded and illegitimate selection process, and who realises that this is the 21st century. Drop us a line if you spot some national media which clarifies the position of those that are unknown.

In the dog house: Ireland and Belgium

In the limelight: United Kingdom

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